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In the late 1990's Steve Carter, Dennis Smith and Al Marshall were all busy touring all over the world with different band leaders.


When they would get home between tours they started a trio to play around the Bay Area to have fun and get a chance to play everything they had been "itching" to play while they were gone. They would play Thelonious Monk followed by Everyrthing But the Girl then Erykah Badu, then Tower of Power then. . . . you get the picture.


Plus they made sure that everything they played they made their own.  They played unique arrangements  and they wrote lots of originals. 


The audience loved it.


The Jazzaholicks were born.


They continue to play regularly around the Bay Area and their repertoire has grown and grown. But above all -They are still having fun!

Wanda Hennig- Oakland Magazine;  " The Jazzaholicks- They're and astonishing Jazz Trio one might expect to pay big bucks to see at Yoshi's."

    The Jazzaholicks

What is Hip - Live in Oakland

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